General information of KU-EPT

KU-English Proficiency Test (KU-EPT)

The Kasetsart University English Proficiency Test (KU-EPT) is an English proficiency test for students of Kasetsart University, both at undergraduate and graduate levels. It is also an English test for those interested in studying at Kasetsart University and for the public who want to measure their English proficiency for self-development, job application, work promotion, or application for further education. The KU-EPT test scores are valid for 2 years from the test date.


Use of the KU-EPT Score

1. Kasetsart University Students

Undergraduate Students

  • Undergraduate students enrolled before the academic year 2020 who score 60% or higher in the KU-EPT test will be exempt from enrollment in the subject 01355103 English for Job Opportunities. Please note that the test result can be used for such exemption from the following semester onwards.
  • Undergraduate students enrolled from the academic year 2020 onwards can use the KU-EPT test result to determine their first English course in the general education category as follows:
01355101 or equivalent 1 – 25
01355102 or equivalent >25
01355103 or equivalent >40
0135510X or equivalent >50
  • Undergraduate students of Kasetsart University can use the KU-EPT test result as a replacement for the KU-EXITE exam. The KU-EXITE is an exit exam that measures the English proficiency of undergraduate students of Kasetsart University.

Graduate Students

For those interested in studying at the graduate level of Kasetsart University, the result of the KU-EPT test can be used for application or as the fulfillment of English required by the Graduate School as follows:

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Master’s degree Doctoral degree
Written exam Oral exam
A minimum KU-EPT score of 50 55 60

Note : Some graduate programs may have additional requirements. Please contact the affiliated faculty or the Graduate School for more information.


2. Kasetsart University Personnel

Kasetsart University support staff can use the KU-EPT test result to request extra pay with the following criteria:

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Compensation 1,000 baht/month 50
1,500 baht/month for a minimum KU-EPT score of 60
2,000 baht/month 70

Note :  The extra pay will be provided as long as the KU-EPT scores are valid (2 years after taking the test).


3. General Public

The test result can be used according to the demand and requirements of the KU-EPT accrediting body.

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