General information of KU-EXITE

Kasetsart University English Exit Exam (KU-EXITE)

The Kasetsart University English Exit Exam (KU-EXITE) aims to measure the English communication skills of undergraduate students of Kasetsart University according to the university’s policy requiring all students to take an English language proficiency exam one year before graduation.


Comparison of the KU-EXITE Score with Other Standardized Tests

The KU-EXITE measures students’ English listening, reading, and writing skills. It measures real-life language usage, such as language for travel, general work, and international work. The KU-EXITE score is comparable to the Common European Framework (CEFR), which is an international standard for measuring language users’ English language proficiency.

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91 – 100 C1 Advanced
71 – 90 B2 Intermediate
51 – 70 B1 Intermediate
31 – 50 A2 Beginner
10 – 30 A1 Beginner

Note : Important Remarks: Kasetsart University Language Testing Center conducted a standard-setting study to map the KU-EXITE on the CEFR Framework. Fifteen experts were asked to give cut score recommendations for the KU-EXITE. Results revealed recommended minimum KU-EXITE scores for each of the CEFR A2, B1, and B2 levels.